Aksi Maksiat Pelajar Melayu IPT

Aksi Maksiat Pelajar Melayu IPT

In 90s, aksi maksiat pelajar melayu was been pointed to bohsia, a troublesome minah rempit. However, today aksi maksiat pelajar melayu also pointed out to pelajar ipt (IPT Student).

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There were differences between minah rempit and pelajar ipt:

Minah rempit

  1. Dropout teens
  2. Sexy Outfit
  3. Love overnight at mat rempit house
  4. Love gang bang style
  5. Infamous words “Meh, Kena Roket”

Pelajar IPT

  1. Educated teens
  2. Mostly bertudung and modest outfit
  3. Love overnight in hotel or boyfriend house.
  4. Love her boyfriend
  5. Infamous words “Aku Cinta Pada Mu”

*note: not all pelajar ipt are bad, only a minor case involve with sexual activities (aksi maksiat). Most of pelajar ipt was successful with career and family oriented person.

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