Budak Jolai Full Edition

Budak Jolai Full Edition

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A 3gp melayu sex clips called Budak Jolai is circulating around Malaysia, which features a 52-year-old Malaysian man and his 21-year-old partner. The two were arrested on May 26 after the video clips called “Budak Jolai” became public and police found them. The man insists the clips were made for his “own viewing pleasure”.

The 3gp melayu sex clips were recorded at a rubber plantation in Felda, Malaysia on a mobile phone and circulated via Bluetooth to practically every settler in Felda at the Felda Jelai 3 plantation. The man stated that it was his first time ever having sex when questioned about the 3gp melayu sex clips. Supposedly, the man paid his female cohort RM20 to reload her mobile phone for her participation. The 3gp melayu sex clips participants as well as the cameraman, are expected to be charged in the near future.

Finally I got the true video of this Budak Jolai Hot Video and I already uploaded it in the internet. You can download it below:

Download Budak Jolai Full Edition HERE:

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