3gp Awek Bertudung Sedut Batang!

3gp Awek Bertudung Sedut Batang!

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Awek Bertudung Sedut Batang! When we watching this 3gp melayu bertudung named “Tudung_Sedut_Batang.3gp”, I am wondering if all girl feel sensational when blow job like this article below…

When I start to kiss down my boyfriends chest and stomach while pulling at his belt loops and pockets slowly getting down to his pants button which i unbutton with my teeth. Then i pull his pants down to about his knees and look up at him and smile. Then i slowly massage his balls with one hand and move my hand up and down his shaft while i slowly suck the head of his penis ever so lightly and swirl my tongue around the tip. i suck him a little bit harder and swirl my tongue faster. i suck harder as his dick slides farther down my throat and suck harder and harder and use my hand to jack him off at the base of his penis. He gets harder and harder and his penis throbs as he is ready to cum. I moan and suck harder and squeeze the base of his penis while i suck. He cums and the cum goes all the way down my throat, i look up at him and smile as a swallow it all.

That is a blow job icon smile 3gp Awek Bertudung Sedut Batang!

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